Build your next PC with us.

Whether it be for home use, office use, or even for gaming, Danny's Website Design offers a custom PC building service.

You, as a consumer, can call us and set your budget. We'll do our best to get you a fast and fancy new desktop PC with what you need inside.

Vinyl PC Decals

In addition, on build time, we can include a vinyl decal of your logo on the side of your PC. After all, the best thing we can put on your brand new computer is a logo of the company you work hard for.

Our fees

Danny's Website Design requires 10% of the budget be a commission. We also require a minimum budget of $500 to start the process (in this scenario, we keep $50). For a vinyl decal, we also require $20 from the budget.

We recommend at least an $800 budget, and require at least a $300 budget.