About me

My name is Danny Dalton, and I'm from Elmira Heights, NY. My mission is, and always was, to utilize technology and technological resources to help people out.

I have a passion for technology, opening stuff, and figuring out just how it all works. Some of my favorite college courses include low-level programming courses such as C/C++ programming and Assembly/Computer Architecture, as they teach me how everything "under the hood" works together to create devices we know and love, as well as Web Programming, for some pretty obvious reasons.

I chose web design, because it allows me to help people and business owners in the best way I can.

What techonologies am I proficient with?


I got my high school diploma from Thomas A. Edison High School in Elmira Heights in June 2015. Two years later, I got my Associate's Degree from Corning Community College in Corning, NY in May 2017. I'm now pursuing a Bachelor's Degree at SUNY New Paltz in New Paltz, NY, and I expect to graduate May 2019.